A real life Gordon Gekko in the making ? Share holders do your Home Work


Today we look under the microscope at a budding real life Gordon Gekko
During the following release you will read facts that lead to everyday questions in today’s capital markets, you may ask yourself why am I interested ? I am not a share holder of the companies that are listed, am I ? Maybe you are, may be you aren’t, however it may be that someone who to-date has slipped under the radar should be a warning to everyone that invests in the stock markets today.
Ahmed Said is the President for Gas & Oil at a highly respected Canadian firm Forbes & Manhattan, like many moon lighting business men he has companies based offshore and controls money flow through offshore banks, one being the First TN Bank in Barbados.
Of course, as with any offshore tax avoiding business scheme, a lawyer features whom Ahmed Said enlisted to add respectability to his dealings and oversee certain money transactions.
In this case, Scott Williams of the law firm Haskell & Slaughter, was engaged by Mr. Said and his associated companies.While it seems a pittance in comparison to the Millions of Dollars Mr. Said has lost for his investors and held on to without good cause belonging to other clients, Mr. Williams as well as Haskell & Slaughter, are owed in the region of $250,000 for the work they completed on behalf of Mr. Said.
Unknowingly instrumental in distrustful actions, Haskell & Slaughter admit to judging Mr. Said on his position with Forbes & Manhattan, believing his intentions were completely ethical and normal commercial dealings.
To this day Ahmed S Said manages and launches public companies, selling shares to the global capital markets. It appears that neither shareholders nor company advisor’s, whom include high-ranking UK and US military officers, along with US TV personalities, are aware of his questionable management practices and offshore activities and dealings.
Unsurprisingly, there appears to be a common fate for the companies under Mr. Said’s stewardship. It is acknowledged that mining companies, oil and gas entities, are high risk. However, it appears his management skill is very consistent, each company under his stewardship, perform in a near identical fashion – within a short period of time, their share-price collapses. Some of them have been known to take a dive as low as 70%, 80%, and even 90% off of the original IPO (initial public offering prices).
A list of these companies and their figures can be seen below:
Stetson Oil & Gas Ltd (www.stockhouse.com/companies/overview/v.ssn)
Brookwater Ventures Inc. (www.stockhouse.com/companies/overview/v.bw)
Groundstar Resources Ltd. (www.stockhouse.com/companies/overview/v.gsa/groundstar-respurces-limited)
Longford Energy Inc. (www.stockhouse.com/companies/overview/v.lfd.h/longford-energy-inc)
Sagres Energy Inc. (www.stockhouse.com/companies/overview/v.sgi/sagres-energy-inc)
Looking at the share prices (see final page) of the above listed companies, it is obvious significant wealth has been destroyed,hundreds of millions of dollars have been wiped from their values. This ultimately is investors capital.
Is it fair?
Is it legal?

These are questions not only for the investors in these companies, but also the securities commissions.
Other questions that need delving in to include:
1. Why have all the share prices suffered the same fate?
2. Is there short selling involved?
3. Who could be short selling and manipulating the share-prices of these companies,and how would they know to sell around share sensitive information being release?
4. Is it safe to invest in companies managed by Ahmed S. Said?
Ahmed S Said is 33-years-old, hungry for success, and seems as if he will do anything to make money. His Bloomberg Executive Profile reports he earns an estimated $133,000 per annum. This figure doesn’t include benefits he has attracted from his dealings with Oxbridge Ventures LLC or Centum Capital BVI, which easily exceed his published earnings, many times over.

In an open and fair attempt for both sides of the story to be considered, the parties below have received a draft copy of this release and were asked for their comments, those comments are quoted.
Ahmed S Said ; No Comment
Scott Williams (Haskell & Slaughter)  ; No Comment

Its is noted that Forbes & Manhattan have already confirmed via their internal counsel that they have no dealings in Mr Ahmed S Said’s external offshore ventures, some of which are mentioned herein. It’s believed other transactions involving Ahmed S Said outside of his office with Forbes & Manhattan may exist throughout Canada, the US, Puerto Rico and St Kitts to name but a few.

To validate any of the above facts, comment or if you have experienced losses when dealing with Ahmed S Said or his associate companies, call or email the relevant parties herein;
R. Scott Williams Attorney acted for Ahmed S Said Offshore Company Centum Capital Partners BVI
Birmingham, Alabama
Telephone: 205-254-1435
Fax: 205-324-1133
Alabama Securities Commission
The Commission are working with other Agencies and are interested in any other dealings made with Ahmed S Said and associates using securities in transactions.
ASC – Special Agent Mike Gantt
Tel (334) 353 8087
ASC – Special Agent Kim Lewis
Tel (334) 242 0309
Forbes & Manhattan
Stan Bharti, Founder
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tel: +1 (416) 861-1685
Fax: +1 (416) 861-8165

Toronto Stock Exchange
If you have been a share holder and / or have concerns or complaint about the disclosure practices of any company listed managed by Ahmed S Said on the TSX or TSX Venture Exchanges, you can file a complaint easily and directly with the Exchange who are bound to investigate your concern:
· Toronto Stock Exchange at info@tsx.com
· TSX Venture Exchange at complianceservices@tsxventure.com
Each exchange has the authority to investigate the conduct and disclosure practices of its listed companies, and to investigate complaints regarding any breach of exchange requirements. Visit the TSX website Contact Us page for alternative contact information.
More releases coming soon !


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